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A clean residential property improves safety, lessens the spread of germs, keeps pest away, improves diet, lowers stress, reduces allergy, and more. A cluttered home, on the contrary, is different. The most common danger of a dirty residential property is poor safety. In fact, it can lead to accidents and potential injuries.

Another risk of a messy house is that it can compromise your health. From allergies, fever to other serious complications, you are prone to diseases and high hospitalization bills. But it’s never too late. Of course, cleaning can seem a simple task. However, it’s hard and time-consuming especially to homeowners with a hectic schedule. Worry no more as House Cleaning Pros Vegas has been established to give everyone a hand. We specialize in deep cleaning that improves your home’s safety, quality and curb value.
Kitchens, bathrooms and other parts of your living space accumulate dirt, grime and grease over time. Of course, you’re thinking of a regular cleaning. But deep cleaning should be your number one priority.


We will guarantee you high quality work and take care of your needs.

Deep cleaning your home may not be as easy as you think. Do you have the necessary equipment for this purpose?

We will make sure your new home is sparkling clean and your old property is ready for its new occupants.

We are specialists in the field of move out or move in cleaning in Las Vegas.

We have a lot of experience over the years, and our professional cleaners will do the job and it will be done quickly and correctly. No matter the location of the place. We always guarantee the success of our work.

We are aware of how difficult it is to gain the trust of the modern consumer, so our main goal in our work is not just to do routine home cleaning, but to make you open the doors of your home to our professional cleaning team without worrying about the valuable and important things.

The need for perfect cleanliness in our home is undeniable, but at the same time it is increasingly difficult for the busy person to pay sufficient attention to the cleanliness in his home. The dilemma is whether to neglect cleanliness or hire a home cleaning company. You are on the right place. We will clean your home so you can focus on the more important things.

Recurring cleaning is our most ordered service and it is very popular with young families and professionals who value their time and prefer to spend their free time with their family and friends.






Keeping your house clean is now an easy task, thanks to House Cleaning Pros Vegas professional maid services. Whether you have pets that require a greater responsibility for home cleaning or have done the repairs, we will be happy to clean your home and meet your requirements and needs. We know how fast your daily routine is and it will be a privilege for us to help you with the home cleaning. We understand how important is to have your home clean for you and your loved ones, so we have great attention to the smallest details. .

Quality service from our experienced professional cleaners .